Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a minimum age requirement for passengers?

Yes, Eight (8) years of age.

What is “approved driving zone”?

5 mile radius from King Arthur and Lady of the Lake Intersection.

Is your service 24/7?


Can you take me or pick me up at the airport (Love Field and/or DFW)?

Love Field Drop Off And Pick Up . DFW For Drop Off Only.

Can I schedule an exact time each week to pick up little Billy?

Yes, up to 30 days in advance.

Do you keep my address on file?


Do you have pictures of my kids?


Will you be advertising to my mobile device?


Are your drivers your employees?


Are your vehicles owned by Bubbl?


Will you sell personal data that is stored on your website?


Can or will a Bubbl vehicle with a passenger stop and pick up another passenger in route (no relation or affiliation with first passenger)?

Yes, they can be a registered user and/or pay by credit card directly to the driver.

Can you request a specific driver?

Yes, but not guaranteed.

What happens with the video from the camera in the vehicles?

Video recordings will be saved for several days before they are recorded over.

Where are your Active and Retired officers from?

All over the State of Texas.


How many passengers will fit in a vehicle?

6 is the maximum number allowed, excluding the driver.

Are the vehicles inspected consistently?


What kind of background checks do you do on your drivers?

Full County and State Background to include 10 panel drug screen. All active/retired officers were fingerprinted for employment with the law enforcement agency in which they work and/or retired. Criminal History background checks have been rechecked on all of our drivers.

Do you provide car seats or booster seats for kids under 8 years of age?


Do your officers carry a weapon?

All of our officers are either currently active peace officers or honorably retired peace officers. As such they are all licensed (retired/LTC, formerly CHL) to carry a weapon. Because all of our officers are off-duty they are not required by Bubbl to carry a weapon on them while driving.

Can you refuse service?

If we feel there is inherent risk to take a passender due to intoxication, yes we can refuse service.

Are all of your drivers police officers?

All our drivers are employed as either active duty peace officers or retired peace officers. At this time we have no HP or UP officers working with us.

Can the officers arrest somebody while working for Bubbl?

No, the officers are simply off-duty and will not act in the capacity of an active duty police officer unless grave danger exists.

Payments and Costs

Do siblings count as extra passengers?


Does an additional stop cost extra?


Do you keep my credit card information?


Is there a change of destination fee?

Yes, if you change destination post pick up there is an additional fee.

Are tips included?

No, tips are not included in the ride fare.

Is there a cancelation fee?