Bubbl Rides

Service Area

  • Blue bubbl depicts $17 service areas.
  • Castle Hills Bubbl covers approximately: north of LBJ Freeway, south of Tollway and Democracy Drive, east to Canyon Creek, and west to Old Denton Road.
  • Frisco Bubbl covers approximately: north of Legacy, south of Highway 380, east to Custer Road, and west to Lewisville Lake.


  • Prices based upon one pick up location to one drop off location.
  • Inside Bubbl: $1 for every ½ mile for every additional stop (after 2.5 miles).
    Minimum charge is $5 per extra stop.
  • Outside Bubbl: Extra stops based on time/distance. Minimum charge is $5 per extra stop.
  • Prices include 2 passengers. $5 for each additional passenger.
  • $5 Escort Fee.
  • $5 per 10 minutes late waiting fee.
  • $7 per car seat or booster seat request.
  • $12 Additional PREMIUM car upgrade.
  • $12 Additional SUV upgrade if 4 or less passengers.
  • $5 cancellation fee will be charged for any ride cancelled prior to one hour pick up time. Full fare will be charged if ride is cancelled within one hour of pick up time.
  • $5 Surcharge Pets must be accompanied by owner, in a kennel, and fit in a standard sized vehicle. We are happy to transport Service Dogs. $12 Surcharge for Pets who are uncrated.
  • All rides between midnight and 5 am are doubled. (This applies to rides which may begin before midnight but do to end until after 12am.)
  • Please call office for additional quotes.

Flat Rates from inside Bubbl area

Call for a price quote
  • Dallas Love Field
    $50 to/from Castle Hills and Plano Bubbl areas
    $70 to/from Frisco Bubbl area
  • DFW Airport
    $60 drop off from Bubbl areas
    $70 pick up return to Bubbl area
  • Patsy Service
    $50 Per hour in the Bubbl area ($12 per 15 mins thereafter)
    $60 Per hour outside Bubbl area ($15 per 15 mins thereafter)
    $70 Per hour outside Metroplex